ASCII   Kolor stitching | 12 pictures | Size: 2260 x 804 | FOV: 182.53 x 52.00 ~ -19.69 | RMS: 5.66 | Lens: Standard | Projection: Cylindrical | Color: LDR |

The Parlour

“The dove is for femininity and the hawk is for masculinity
If you let your man be masculine
you will

Angela Knight

The Duchess Judith-Rose of Somerset visited Angela and said…

‘I discovered Angela Knight while looking for underwear for my teenage daughters when she first opened her shop in Marlborough. She is now the only person from whom I will buy a bra in all the world and I will travel to do so!

I was immediately captivated by her knowledge, passion and commitment to a woman’s and girl’s needs and wellbeing – which so often comes from having the confidence to face the world. At the basis of this is how we feel about ourselves and if we know that ‘our’ breasts are both secure and attractive immediately our posture and presence improves and that will, of course, exude a natural confidence.

With a narrow back and full breasts and endless non-fitting bras later with one miraculous personal fitting by Angela my life was changed. Not only did I find a perfect fit but also a new glamour in the underwear she found for me – no more hiding away in a changing room or even at home with dull ill-fitting ingerie!

Angela will tell her customers that a woman’s power is ‘Love’ and that this love comes from behind our breasts – from the heart. If we stand tall, are proud of our femininity we are showing the whole world our own personal and confident love.

Having a new bra from Angela is not just one experience it is many – her friendship and understanding, her knowledge of every different type of woman and her needs but also the knowledge that with the confidence this acquisition gives us we can walk tall in our far from easy world and make a difference in whatever situation we find ourselves’

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