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The Changing Room

Magz visited Angela and said…

Some months ago I stumbled on the most amazing little shop in Hungerford where I met Angela Knight… I left with the most amazing underwear, but most importantly a huge and well needed confidence boost, and fortunately that feeling was not just the rush of the shopping experience, and leaving with the fabulously cute wrapped parcels and special bags… but spending some ‘me time’ with someone who got what I was about, I am not twenty something, but a mid thirties mum who still wants to feel great, body shape has changed, and in truth so have I, my husband bought me some truly gorgeous underwear but it just did not work for me…I was really struggling to find the right underwear, having lost weight (obviously from the boobs first as is the curse:) I was not even sure what was my style anymore… a little older but still me!

What is great about Angela is that most underwear shops that fit your bra somehow make you feel like you have it all wrong…somehow you end up feeling like you have stumbled into the wrong place, wishing you had been underwear shopping before you went there…in truth your as likely to buy that expensive set just to get away (you know we have all been there!) Whilst ‘those’ shops challenge your boundaries, Angela has a way of helping you redefine and establish your own boundaries and find something that in truth feels like it was made just for you, she has a knack of fitting you perfectly, not just by understanding your shape but allowing you to really shine.

She is a genius and absolutely a must visit… My only regret is meeting Angela now, if recent press is right she would have been the perfect Wedding compliment! That said she has done wonders for my average day of the week version of myself …and that ladies (and Gents) is priceless!